Detectors are an essential part of traffic signal control systems, and to cope with the constant traffic growth these systems need to be optimised for smoother traffic flows, less energy consumption and less CO2 emissions.
Our microwave vehicle and pedestrian detectors will help you to improve your traffic management systems.


What do I need? :

•    I need a radar sensor to replace a loop sensor (presence & movement detection):
                                              I-TERSECTION V.

•    I need a radar sensor to detect vehicles approaching an intersection:

On one or two lanes: TM60

On a single lane for short distance or "turn left" or "turn right" detection: TM150

At a long distance from the intersection: TM150

•    I need a radar sensor to detect the pedestrians crossing to control the pedestrian green phase: TMP


•    I need a radar sensor for an other intersection application: Contact us!




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