"I-WARNING" range

We want to help changing speed drivers’ mentality. We want to increase traffic safety. And it’s possible!
Our microwave vehicle detectors and speed displays will help you to reach these objectives too.



What do I need? :

•    I need a speed information display (portable or permanent):

  1. Speed & pictograms: I-SAFE 1
  2. Speed & text: I-SAFE 2

•    I need a radar sensor to transmit the measured speed of the vehicles to a VAS (Variable Message Sign) 

  1. Radar with housing: TMS-Basic
  2. OEM radar to integrate: IcomSpeed

•    I need a radar sensor to actuate a traffic sign or signal :

  1. For any vehicles: TM60 or TM150
  2. For speeding vehicles (i.e.; in function of a speed threshold): TMT or TMS-Basic

•    I need a radar sensor to detect drivers in wrong direction (ghost rider): TM60

•    I need a radar sensor to warn drivers about traffic jam (queue detection): TMS-QD


•    I need a a radar sensor for an other warning application: Contact us


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