"I-COUNT" range

Intelligent Transport Systems need accurate traffic data. We develop and manufacture microwave equipment to count, classify and measure the speed of vehicles. Whether you need portable units or fixed data acquisition systems, we have a solution.


What do I need? :

•    I need a traffic data collection radar:

  1. For temporary application (portable & autonomous): TMS-SA
  2. For permanent application (single lane; gantry) : TMS-NET
  3. For permanent application (multi-lanes; side-fired): I-COUNT

•    I need a radar sensor to detect traffic jam (queue detection): TMS-QD

•    I need a radar sensor to transmit the speed of each vehicle to a control centre: TMS Basic

•    I need a radar sensor to distinguish two speed, length or direction classes: TMS-Hyperloop


•    I need a radar sensor for an other traffic data collection application: Contact us!




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