ITVP 2 : vehicle presence detection

DESIGNED FOR : one single lane approach intersection (junction).


  • Green phase call
  • Green phase extension
  • Barrier regulation
  • Etc.

The ITVP-2 is an above ground detector able to replace two traditional intrusive loops.

Based on microwave technology, our radar detects accurately stopped and moving vehicles in two diffrent zones:

  1. at the stop bar line area: 0 to 10 meters (movement & presence)
  2. Approaching vehicles: 0 to 40 meters (movement)

Designed for one single lane detection, the radar is very simple to install: traffic engineers do not need any setting software!


Click on the link below to download the ITVP-2 brochure:

Thanks to a simple encoder at the rear of the radar, the traffic engineer is able to set on site the following parameters:

  • Stop-line detection zone size
  • Maximum presence time



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