TM60 : vehicle movement detection

The radar TM60 is a microwave above ground detector (motion sensor for vehicle activation) designed for traffic signals management (call or extension of green phase).

Each time the radar detects a vehicle driving at a higher speed than the minimum threshold value, it closes (or opens) a relay contact.

Click on the link below to download the TM60 brochure:
•    Not sensitive to light, colour, humidity or dust
•    Light, easy to install
•    No maintenance
•    Range up to 60-80 meters for a standard vehicle
•    Uni or bi-directional
•    Positive safety relay
•    Aluminium housing and detachable connector IP65

Overview on thousands of units dispatched for more than 20 years worlwide (From Canada to Unites Arab Emirates ): excellent reliability!


•    Direction of detection (in/out/bi-directional)
•    Sensitivity (range of the radar)
•    Speed threshold (between 1 and 16 km/h)



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