TMS-Basic : speed measurement

The radar TMS-BASIC measures the speed of each vehicle and can transmit them per RS232 to display the speed on a VMS for example. 

Click on the link below to download the TMS-BASIC brochure:

• The TMS-BASIC closes a contact when it detects a vehicle running at a speed above its speed threshold ;
• "Green wave" (sequenced sets of traffic lights) ;
• Integration with your LED panel to indicate excessive speed.

• Direction of detection (in/out/bi-directional)
• Sensitivity (range of the radar)
• Speed threshold

• Range up to 150 m

• Not sensitive to light, colour, humidity or dust

• No maintenance
• Detection on a single traffic lane
• Positive safety relay
• Reduced cost
• Reliability
• Aluminium housing and rear connector IP65
• Light, easy to install

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