The TM60 radar detects moving vehicles. It calls or extends the colour phase of traffic lights. It can also wake up a lighting system in standby mode or activate a light signal when a vehicle passes by.

Compact and lightweight, it can be installed quickly, without civil engineering works or traffic stops.


Operation and strengths

The TM60 closes or opens a dry contact when it detects a vehicle travelling at a speed above the selected threshold in its detection area.  This contact can control an automatic control system for traffic lights, light poles, fixed or variable message light panels…

  • Detection of moving vehicles
  • Range: +/- 80 m
  • Choice of power supply:
    • 220 V
    • 12-42 V AC/10-60 V DC
    • 6-20 V (low power version)
  • Uni- or bi-directional
  • 16 possible positions for the detection limit, preset from 1 to 16 km/h
  • Settings without opening the housing
  • Comfort of installation and use:
    • above-ground installation
    • works in all weathers
    • maintenance-free
    • trustworthy



Technical features


Range (for a standard car, radar installed at a height of 4.5 m, angle of 5°, sensitivity ¾) 80 m
Min. detectable speed adjustable from 1 to 16 km/h
Detection direction incoming, outgoing or bidirectional
Detectable speeds from chosen threshold to 160 km/h
Low voltage size 70x100x120 mm
220 V size 70x100x210 mm
Weight (excluding cable and support) 0.9 kg
Protection level IP65, EN 50102 (IK)
Mount double-L (Included), adapted for M8 screws
Operating temperature range from -40°C to +75°C
Power supply LV model : 10-42 V AC/12-60 V DC
EU model : 220 V AC
LP model: 6-20 V DC
Power consumption < 1 W (90 mA @ 12 V DC)
Frequency K-band: 24.125 GHz
Transmitting power 5 mW
User output LED on the front panel – Changeover relay contact (LP: open collector)
Response time < 250 ms
Relay holding time 1 sec. (LP : 1.2 sec.)


Use cases

  • Traffic lights:
    • call and/or phase extension
    • coordination of hubs
    • green wave
  • Lighting of outdoor parking lots (stations) on vehicle movement detection
  • Activation of signals
    • “approaching vehicles” for cyclists
    • “dangerous turns” powered by solar energy, only when a vehicle approaches in order to achieve substantial energy savings

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