Frequently Asked Questions


Contact us to receive the requested manual. If you already have a radar, please specify the serial number in your communication.


Power supply

Most of our radars are powered from the mains (220 V AC or 110 V AC), but also exist in a low voltage (LV) version (10-42 V DC)

Solar power

We also developed low power (LP) version for solar panel applications.

Power consumption

Less than 1 VA (depending on the product)

Direction of detection

Icoms Detections radars detect in 2 directions : approaching or receding, or both (bi-directionnal detection).

Bi-directional detection

Our TMS-SA traffic data acquisition radar detects the vehicles either in one direction (approaching or receding) on one lane, either on two lanes in the two opposite directions. To count on two or more lanes in the same direction separate radars have to be installed for each lane.

Communications (outputs)

Depending on the type of radar, the information or data collected by the radar is transmitted by relay output, serial communication (RS232, RS422, RS485 or Bluetooth) or TCP/IP.


For our traffic counters and speed displays we developed powerful and userfriendly softwares to communicate with the radars (setting of installation parameters and data retrieval) and process the measurement data in tables and graphs. These data files can easily be converted into text, html or excel format files

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