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TMA-3B3 bike counter: now available with SD-card reader option

The TMA-3B3, the bicycle counter that counts groups accurately, is now available with an SD card reader. This will make temporary counting campaigns much easier.

TMB-134, the multi-lane intersection radar detector

This high-precision radar is capable of detecting movement and presence on multiple lanes and can emulate up to nine inductive loops per radar. It has the capability to detect approaching vehicles and bicycles as well as their presence at the stop-line.


Internationally compatible products

In order to improve mobility and enhance safety on roads, Icoms Detections has been designing and manufacturing sensors for road traffic management based on microwave technology since 1993, meeting the needs of intelligent transport systems (ITS). Since July 2017, the company has been the “radar” development hub of International Road Dynamics Inc. based in Saskatoon, Canada.

Icoms Detections exports 75% of its production and is represented worldwide. If you wish to detect cyclists, pedestrians or vehicles, you will find the sensor that suits you at Icoms Detections.

Why detect in the first place?


Would you like to know more about how and when the bicycle paths in your municipality are used? Do you want to moderate the speed of vehicles around schools or to reduce the energy consumption of public lighting by applying dynamic lighting?  Or would you like to regulate traffic lights dynamically without civil engineering works?  These are just some of the applications for which Icoms Detections offers reliable, non-intrusive detection systems that operate in all weather conditions.


Intersection management

  • Call or colour phase extension on detection of moving vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Detection of stationary vehicles at the stop line
  • Measurement on one or more lanes simultaneously

Data collection

  • Fixed or mobile radar for counting, speed measurement and vehicle length classification
  • Bicycle count on bicycle paths
  • Measurement on one or more lanes simultaneously


  • Educational Radars
  • Low power OEM sensors for VMS
  • Over- and underspeed detection to trigger dynamic signalling
  • Solutions for queue detection

Clever ligthing

  • Low power OEM sensors
  • Detection of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
  • For walking trails, urban or industrial sites, roads and highways

Who and what to detect?


One of the strengths of radar technology is its ability to measure the speed of any moving object, regardless of the light or temperature conditions. Cyclists, pedestrians, cars or trucks, our radars detect with accuracy.


Motorised vehicles

  • Traffic light control
  • Queue prediction
  • Traffic measurement: counting, speed measurement, classification
  • Speed alert: speed signs, sensors for VMS activation


  • Bicycle count on bicycle paths
  • Dedicated traffic light control
  • Alert for motorists on bicycle crossing
  • Activation of public lighting




  • Traffic light control: adaptive green for pedestrians
  • Activation of public lighting
  • Pedestrian crossing alert


Easy to install

The objective of our R&D department is to facilitate your task, by delivering powerful and simple radars to use. Forget complex software and demanding field measurements: you will install Icoms radars comfortably at the roadside, safely and very easily.



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