Traffic light management


Detectors are essential actors in the traffic light control system.  To cope with a constant increase in road traffic, these systems must be optimised to reduce congestion, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Doppler sensors are known to detect motion and measure speed. Icoms now enables them to detect stopped vehicles at the traffic light as welll as to count the vehicles crossing the stop-line.


Traffic lights
Traffic lights



  • Replace induction loops (detection of stopped and moving vehicles) and count at the stopline -> TMA-122
  • Detect vehicles approaching a crossroad:
    • on one or two lanes in the same direction ->TMA-60
    • for bonus green or sanction red -> TMA-296
    • at a long distance from the crossroad -> TMA-60, TMA-296
    • on multiple lanes -> TMB-134
  • Detect pedestrians for the extension of the “pedestrian green” -> TMA-011
  • Detection for other crossroad applications -> Contact us


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