About us

In order to improve mobility and enhance safety on roads, Icoms Detections has been designing and manufacturing sensors for road traffic management based on microwave technology since 1993, meeting the needs of intelligent transport systems (ITS). Since July 2017, the company has been the “radar” development hub of International Road Dynamics Inc. based in Saskatoon, Canada.

Icoms Detections exports 75% of its production and is represented worldwide. If you wish to detect cyclists, pedestrians or vehicles, you will find the sensor that suits you at Icoms Detections.

About us

Why microwave sensors?

Microwave sensors are a safe choice when looking for mobility management tools.

They are not affected by frost, heat or humidity, they do not require maintenance and are not influenced by ambient light or temperature.

They allow your team to work safely because they are non-intrusive and can be easily installed on the roadside and at a low height.

They make your life easier because they are able to provide the essential information for managing your roads: speed, volume, type of vehicle, direction of travel, etc.

Radar technology is constantly evolving and will soon make it possible to do even more and even better in terms of detection for road traffic management.

About us

Our commitments

Our mission

We want to contribute to the improvement of traffic flow and safety by designing and developing state-of-the-art sensors to improve the quality of life and safety for as many people as possible while ensuring a positive impact on the environment.

Our vision

Icoms Detections aims to become a key global player in the ITS industry (and more specifically in the following sectors: Traffic Light Control, Traffic Safety and Traffic Data Collection) by providing easy-to-use microwave sensors with an excellent price-to-quality ratio.

Our values



We innovate with the intention of offering the most optimal products and services. Our products evolve constantly to meet current and future needs.


The ease of use of the sensors is essential


Reliability is the guideline for product design, from the choice of components to the first lab test and road tests.


Transparency and regular communication are essential to build a long-term win-win Relationship


We do our best to adapt our solutions to your requirements.

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