Motorised vehicles

Cars and trucks still play a central role in mobility today. Motor vehicles, whether personal vehicles, trucks and vans used to transport goods or buses, coaches or trams, represent an important part of everyday travel, both in urban areas and rural areas.

Planners must be able to rely on reliable tools to identify these vehicles, count them, measure their speed and ensure that traffic lights are adapted to the different traffic flows.


Motorised Vehicles
Motorised Vehicles


  • Detect vehicles approaching a crossroad or stopping at the stop-line:
    • When approaching a crossroad, on one or two lanes in the same direction -> TMA-60 or TMA-296
    • Approaching, at a long distance from the intersection -> TMA-60 or TMA-296
    • Approaching and stopped at the stop-line -> TMA-122
    • On several lanes -> TMB-134
  • Count, measure speed and classify vehicles according to their length:
    • For temporary studies (battery, memory, operating software), on one lane per direction -> TMS-SA
    • For permanent installation, one sensor per lane -> TMS-NET
    • Count at the stop-line of a traffic light -> TMA-122
  • Transmit vehicle speed to a control centre -> TMA-296
  • Integrate a speed measurement sensor into an equipment -> IcomSpeed
  • Integrate a speed and count measurement sensor into an equipment -> IcomSpeed-Distance
  • Display the speed of motorists with an educational or preventive radar -> I-SAFE 1 or I-SAFE 2
  • Trigger a relay to activate a VMS, a traffic light or a luminaire:
  • Detection of vehicles for other applications -> Contact us

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