Traffic data collection


The accuracy of your traffic management system depends, among other things, on the accuracy of the road traffic data sensors. Whether for studies or for permanent road management, you need reliable and accurate equipment. Look no further, Icoms Detections has what you need.

Traffic Data
Traffic Data


  • Count, measure speed and classify vehicles according to their length:
    • for temporary studies (integrated battery, memory, operating software), on one lane per direction -> TMS-SA
    • for permanent installation, one sensor per lane -> TMS-NET
  • Transmit vehicle speed to a control centre -> TMA-296
  • Count the bicycles on bicycles tracks -> TMA-3B3
  • Count vehicles at the stop line of a traffic light -> TMA-122
  • Integrate a speed measurement sensor into an equipment -> IcomSpeed
  • Integrate a speed and count measurement sensor into an eqipment -> IcomSpeed-Distance
  • Collect traffic data for other applications -> Contact us

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