Compact and very energy-efficient, the IcomSpeed-Distance Doppler-FSK speed sensor will easily integrate into your application. It measures the speed and the distance to the target and transmits it on its RS-232 output. It is also equipped with an open collector for which the trigger speed and distance thresholds can be set.


Operation and strengths

  • Small size, very easy to integrate into your design
  •  RS-232 input/output
  •  Configurable “open drain” output
  •  Min. power consumption: 52 mA
  • The function “distance measurement” allows many different applications, among which vehicle counting in two directions

Technical features


adjustable – Maximum range:

  • personal vehicles: 90m
  • trucks: 200m
Detectable speed
from 5 to 300 km/h
Detection direction
adjustable: approach, receding or bidirectional
Unit size
80 x 80 x 18,5 mm
Weight 90 g
Operating temperature
from -20 °C to + 75 °C
Power supply
12-20 V DC
Power consumption depending on configuration (min. 52 mA at 12 V DC)
Frequency K-band: 24.125 Ghz
Transmitting power
< 5 mW
User output
  • RS-232 interface
  • two open drains, max. 90 mA/45 V, fuse protected
Antenna 38° x 45°
Precision speed: 98 %  – distance: +/- 2 m – counting: 96 %
Baud rate 9600 to 57600 bps
Protocol text menu or “machine to machine”


Use cases

  • OEM sensor to be integrated:
    • to your preventive speed display
    • to your public lighting management system: intensity varies according to the users, their speed and their position with respect to the point of light
    • to your variable message signs
    • to your traffic management systems so you can combine counting and distant detection

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A question, request or proposal?

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