Digital speed sign, the radar which indicates the speed in real time

Digital speed sign

You have probably already encountered road signs displaying your speed in real time in many towns and cities. It is what we call a digital speed sign and it allows road users to be aware of their possible speeding. These preventive and educational speed signs have much more impact than a static traffic sign, which is why Icoms Detections developed the I-SAFE educational speed sign.

What is the purpose of a digital speed sign?

The digital speed sign indicates the speed of motorists. It is generally placed at the entrance of a city or village, around a construction site or near a school. Some studies have shown that these road signs reduce speed by 20 to 30% on average. Unlike a static road sign, which only indicates the maximum authorized speed, a digital speed sign has a greater impact.

What are the characteristics of I-SAFE?

The I-SAFE indicates to motorists their speed at a distance between 120 and 200 m. This therefore allows them to view the display fairly quickly. In this way, motorists will be able to moderate their pace to avoid speeding.

The figures displayed on the device are 39 cm high. There again, this allows drivers to see it from a distance. A text message and/or a pictogram may be displayed in addition to the speed information. A color code is also associated with the messages. In other words, if the motorist is driving too fast, the display will be red. On the contrary, if she adapts her speed, the message will turn green.

Finally, you can also measure and analyze the traffic. Indeed, it may be interesting to analyze the flow of motorists traveling on the roads. You can also measure the behavior of road users and validate the impact of the device. Since the digital speed sign can be moved around, you can validate the location where it produces the biggest impact. A very easy to use software, delivered free of charge with the display, enables these measurements and analyses.

Icoms Detections also manufactures other products for road traffic management such as traffic counters, bicycle counters and sensors for traffic light management, to name a few examples.