The I-SAFE 1 is a speed display that can display text and picture messages.

It alternates the display of the speed with 39 cm digits and that of pictograms relating to the user’s behaviour.

With its integrated radar and removable battery, it is mobile and easy to operate.  It can also be equipped with a solar power supply kit or connected to public lighting.


Operation and strength

  • Tricolour numbers: green, orange, red according to the speed of the road user
  • High visibility: 39 cm figures
  • Successive display of three messages (speed, short text or pictograms)
  • Customizable tricolour pictograms (library available)
  • Three power supply options
  • Anti-record function
  • Complete basic kit including fixing material
  • Calendar function
  • Pre-programmed speed regimes
  • Customization of settings via USB key or Bluetooth (option)
  • User-friendly software for managing measurement data




Technical features

Displayable speeds from 5 to 199 km/h
Detection speeds from 5 to 250 km/h
Size of numbers 384 x 513 mm (H x L)
Size of unit 775 x 665 x 140 mm (H x L x P)
Weight 12.4 kg (without battery)
Level of protection IP65 (option)
Mounting support
hooks on the back of the unit + mast support
Working temperature from -40 °C to +65 °C
Power supply 12 V DC by rechargeable battery 12V/24 Ah or 220 V (mains or street lighting) or solar kit
Battery life depends on type of power supply
Frequency K-band: 24.125 GHz
Transmitting power < 5mW
Communication interface USB (options: Bluetooth or GPRS)
Memory capacity 540 000 measurements
–       Operating System Windows 10 or later, minimum 512 MB RAM
–       Disk space needed 200 MB
Detection distance > 200 m


Use cases

  • Speed prevention in the vicinity of schools
  • Alert on road construction site
  • Increase safety in neighborhoods
  • Speed reduction to protect vulnerable road users
  • Accident prevention on industrial sites

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