Base your cycling policy decisions on data.

The TMA-3B3 combines radar and lidar to accurately count bicycles and measure their speed on bike paths. Its installation is simple, fast and safe.

Operation and strengths

Installed on a mast, the TMA-3B3 combines two technologies to provide optimal counting accuracy on the bike path.  It is indeed able to count the number of cyclists in a group and to measure their individual speed.

  • 97 % accuracy at peak hours (compared to manual counting)
  • Non-intrusive
  • Autonomous and mobile (can be powered by solar energy)
  • Consistent performance day and night

Technical features


Detection direction
Size of unit L 230 x H 245 x D 270 mm (excl. mounting bracket)/Compact housing: L 68 x H 99 x  D 150 mm (connector incl.)
Weight sensor: 3 100 g, 5 m cable incl., mounting bracket : 750 g/Compact housing: 475 g, bracket: 435 g, 5 m cable:450 g
Protection degree
Mount specific mount provided, adapted M8
Operating temperature range
from -20 °C to +60 °C
Power supply 12-16 V
Power consumption 130 mA @ 12 VDC
Frequency K-Band – 24.165-24.235 GHz + LIDAR
User input (settings)
User output


Use Case

Counting bicycles and measuring their speed on cycle paths in order to report traffic information to the public authority managing the cycle paths via a web platform.

The TMA-3B3, powered by solar energy, sends its data in real time via a GPRS network.


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A question, request or proposal?