The TMA-011 is designed for the detection of pedestrians and cyclists. Its distance of detection is adjustable and can reach 30 m.

It adapts the duration of the pedestrian green to the flow on the on-crossing. It can also wake up a standby light or call a green phase for cyclists, without them having to step down to press the call button.

Compact and lightweight, it can be installed quickly, without civil engineering works or traffic stops.


Operation and strengths

The TMA-011 closes or opens a dry contact when it detects an object moving at a speed greater than 0.5 km/h. This contact can communicate with a traffic light controller, light poles, LED panels, etc.


  • Pedestrian and cyclist detection
  • Range: adjustable (8, 12, 16 or 30 m)
  • Choice of power supply:
    • 100-240 V AC
    • 15-54 V AC/21-75 V DC
    • 10-30 V AC/12-60 V DC
  • Uni- or bi-directional
  • Settings without opening the housing
  • Self-monitoring feature
  • Comfort of installation and use:
    • Above-ground installation
    • Works in all weathers
    • Maintenance-free
    • Trustworthy

Technical features

Range (radar installed at a height of 4.5 m, angle of 5°) adjustable (8, 12, 16 or 30 m)
Min. detectable speed 0.5 km/h
Detection direction incoming, outgoing or bidirectional
Detectable speeds from 0.5 to 100 km/h
Unit size 68x99x119 mm
220V Power Supply size 68x99x168 mm
Weight (excluding cable and mount) from 0.35 kg to 0.48 kg, according to version
Protection level IP65, EN 50102 (IK)
Mount system double-L (included), adapted for M8 screws
Operating temperature range from -40 °C to +60 °C
Power supply

L version : 10-30 V AC/12-60 V DC

M version : 15-54 V AC/21-75 V DC

H version : 110-220 V AC

Power consumption < 1,2 W @ 12 or 24 V DC
Frequency K-band – 24.125 GHz
User output LED visible on the front panel – Changeover relay contact
Response time < 500 ms
Relay holding time 750 ms


Use cases

  • Extension of the green phase for pedestrians during the crossing
  • Green phase call on cycle path
  • Lighting of a pedestrian tunnel only when a user is present
  • Activation of signs warning motorists of the presence of cyclists or pedestrians in the vicinity
  • Activation of station and parking platform lighting when pedestrians arrive
  • Activation of public lighting on motion detection

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