Radar speed indicator sign – the educational radar to secure roads

Radar speed indicator sign - raise the awareness of motorists with the I-SAFE

The preventive radar speed indicator sign does not have the same function as a basic radar intended to verbalize over-speeding. Indeed, these preventive radars are generally placed when approaching a dangerous zone. These areas are mainly located near a school, at the entrance of an agglomeration or a construction site. In any case, Icoms Detections deisgned its speed measuring radar for the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. The I-SAFE is then a perfect solution to make road users aware of their speed. This therefore encourages them to ease off, thus making the roads safer.

Why install an I-SAFE radar speed indicator sign?

This type of device is part of the signage considered as educational. The radar speed indicator sign displays in real time the speed at which the motorist is driving.  It is therefore easy for the driver to be aware of any possible speeding. Unlike a static traffic sign, the speed measuring radar allows the motorist to be aware of his behaviour. Drivers exceeding the speed limit will be more likely to slow down with a preventive radar than with a static sign. To support these claims, some studies have shown that a motorist reduces her speed by 20 to 30 % when encountering a radar speed indicator sign. As soon as a municipality removes this radar, the speed levels tend to increase. It is therefore worthwhile to favour the installation of a fixed radar speed indicator sign rather than a mobile one.

Why choose the I-SAFE?

Icoms Detections designed the I-SAFE not only to inform road users of their speed but also to measure traffic. Once installed, the preventive radar speed indicator sign stores the measurements taken and therefore makes it easy to see how busy the road is as well as to observe the speed behaviour of the users.

In addition, our preventive radar speed indicator sign can display customizable messages, following a very meaningful color code: red, orange and green. The figures displayed are 39cm high, making them particularly visible. Finally, the I-SAFE speed indicator sign picks up vehicles at a distance of between 120 and 200 m. Motorists therefore have plenty of time to read their speed in order to adapt it to the approach of the sensitive area.

Finally, it works regardless of the weather conditions. Whether it’s the middle of winter or during a heat wave, the I-SAFE always correctly displays the speed of traffic.

How is a Radar speed indicator sign connected to the power supply?

The connection of a radar speed indicator sign is fairly simple. Indeed, the I-SAFE is delivered with different installation kits depending on your choice of power supply. Therefore, once the radar is installed on a pole, you will have several possibilities. Firstly, if you have chosen a rechargeable battery radar, simply insert it into the housing. If you have opted for solar charging, simply follow the installation instructions provided in the kit. Finally, you can also connect the radar to the grid or to the public lighting. In this case, nothing simpler, you will simply have to connect the cables provided for this purpose.

Please also note that no modifications are required for this installation, as the radar is compact and easy to handle. Simply attach it with the hooks at the back and monitor the positive effects with the data analysis software.

What is the price of the I-SAFE radar speed indicator sign?

Since you have the possibility to add different options to your speed sign, the price of the I-SAFE is not fixed. This is why we advise you to contact the Icoms Detections team to discuss your needs by filling in the contact form. This will give you a clear idea of the budget required.

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