Speed display, the I-SAFE 1 road safety solution

Speed display: secure your roads with the I-SAFE

Construction sites, school surroundings or urban areas, these are all sensitive locations with many potential dangers on the road. This is why Icoms Detections has designed an educational speed display to warn motorists of their excessive speed. Thanks to the I-SAFE, road users are made aware of their speed to decrease the risk of accidents in so-called dangerous areas. This evolution of road signs makes it possible to raise motorists’ awareness of their offence and as a result limit the number of accidents.

What is the purpose of a speed display?

Its primary function lies in the need to reduce the speed of motorists. Indeed, in dangerous areas such as at the entrance of an urban area, at a junction, or near a school, some drivers are often over-speeding. The static signage of the usual highway code signs does not always seem to work. This is when the speed display comes into play. It allows road users to become aware of their speed. Therefore, thanks to the installation of a speed display in a 50 km/h zone, you will be able to register a reduction in speed of 2 to 6 km/h. By placing it at the entrance to a town, you make it possible for every motorist to slow down considerably such as not to speed in urban or sensitive areas like schools.

How does the I-SAFE digital speed display work?

Like any speed display, the purpose of the I-SAFE is to indicate in real time the speed of approaching cars. The driver is therefore informed of her speed such as to adapt the speed if necessary.

Once set up, the speed display can detect a car at 120m and a truck beyond 200m. This way the driver can see from a distance whether she is speeding or not. The I-SAFE can display up to three messages consecutively such as for example the vehicle speed, a short text or a pictogram. The I-SAEF also supports different color codes in function of the speed of the vehicle. Typically, a car driving at a speed below the limit would trigger a green message whereas speeding cars trigger orange or red messages.

Showing the driver’s speed with a color code has a bigger impact than just a road sign. Indeed, while driving, we are not necessarily aware of possible speeding.

The little extra of the I-SAFE 

Unlike other speed displays, the I-SAFE offers the possibility of customizing the message displayed. First of all, you have access to a broad library of pictograms. You can also customize the displayed message or even create your own messages or pictograms. Secondly, the I-SAFE is very easy to use. Finally, it allows you to download and analyze the measured data quickly and easily.

What is the price of such a device?

Icoms Detections has designed several models of speed displays that can include different options. Indeed, depending on your needs, you can add up to three additional features. These options include Bluetooth communication and a solar panel. Finally, you can also have access to a 3G or 4G modem and a web platform to manage the data. Therefore, the price varies according to your choice and your needs. For any specific request, we invite you to fill in the contact form.

What does the Analytics platform of the speed display offer

Once your speed display is installed, you can start analysing the traffic. With the help of this very simple tool, you can monitor the beneficial effects over different periods. The data collection unit sends the information to the platform, which is accessible through a web browser and presents it in graphical displays. You can then easily interpret the resulting data.

Icoms Detections also manufactures other products for road traffic management such as traffic counters, bicycle counters and sensors for traffic light management, to name a few examples.