Digital speed indicator sign: what is it?

speed indicator sign

The digital speed indicator sign is not intended to verbalize motorists when they have exceeded the maximum authorized speed. On the contrary, as the name suggests, it is preventive. In other words, it aims to inform road users of any possible speeding. Much more effective than a static traffic sign, a digital speed sign helps reduce the speed of drivers by 20 to 30%. Thus, investing in preventive equipment and speed measurement is impactful. Icoms Detections has designed the I-SAFE, the ideal and customizable speed indicator sign to educate motorists.

Where should you place an I-SAFE speed sign?

In general, speed signs are placed in so-called sensitive areas, such as the entrance to an urban area. Indeed, many motorists do not slow down and therefore do not respect the traffic rules. It is all the more important that they become aware of their speed. This is especially true if the street is a 30 km/h zone. A preventive speed radar is commonly placed at the entrance of an urban area. You can also opt for areas with high pedestrian traffic or near schools for example. Here too, it is very important to place an educational speed indicator sign, which is more effective than static signage.

How does the I-SAFE educational sign work?

In addition to warning road users by indicating the speed of the vehicle from a distance of 120 m onwards, the I-SAFE is also able to measure road traffic. Indeed, to be able to analyze road traffic, the I-SAFE comes a very user-friendly software. This makes it possible to analyze the road behavior of motorists. You will therefore be able to see the direct impact of the speed indicator sign. Once installed and connected to the power grid or to a solar panel, you no longer need to worry about it.

Icoms Detections also manufactures other products for road traffic management such as traffic counters, bicycle counters and sensors for traffic light management, to name a few examples.