Established in Louvain-la-Neuve in 1993, Icoms Detections designs and manufactures radar sensors for intelligent mobility management. Its products allow for better traffic light management, count vehicles or display the speed of vehicles for preventive purposes. They are installed above ground, are energy-efficient and operate in all weather conditions, whatever the light conditions.

For 30 years, Icoms has been innovating and renewing its products to adapt to the evolution of traffic and mobility habits. The sensors that the company offers today do much more than detect moving cars or lorries to call a green phase when approaching a traffic light.

If the hexagonal box, emblematic of the brand, has only slightly changed, what it contains has deeply evolved. In addition to the Doppler effect, the sensors now use signal processing to simultaneously detect stationary vehicles, on one or more lanes simultaneously. They replace up to nine inductive loops, can be installed without civil engineering work, and consume much less energy than inductive loops or video detectors.

By combining radar with other detection technologies, such as Lidar, Icoms can now offer new detectors. An example is its bicycle counter that counts groups of cyclists with great precision. The collection of traffic data represents a growing part of its business, whether the data is accessible locally for temporary measurement applications or via an online platform for permanent counting points.

The company has adapted to the rising share of soft mobility in traffic and to the ever more important need for high-performance, above-ground detectors that are easy and quick to install.

The values that Icoms exemplifies today within the IRD Inc. group perfectly reflect this evolution: reliability, ergonomics and innovation at the service of sustainability. Icoms Detections is also involved in a sustainable development certification process with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Walloon Brabant.

Certificat ODD-CCIW- ICOMS_2023

The sustainable entrepreneurship policy and the actions carried out in 2022 were validated by the evaluation committee, which awarded the title of “Laureate 2023” to Icoms Detections. From organising yoga sessions to reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging and implementing a policy of returning and recycling end-of-life products, these actions are concrete and contribute to the United Nations’ global call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.