• Our Dutch partner Multisensors integrates the TMA-3B3 into its bicycle counting solution, Signum
  • The city of Amsterdam considers this solution to be a reliable way to quantify the flow of cyclists.

The popularity of cycling continues to grow in Europe.  In Amsterdam, where this trend is not new, every day, 400,000 cyclists take their bike to get to their destination, and this is reflected in the congestion of the bike paths.  Our Dutch partner, Multisensors, asked Ewald Dijkstra, senior advisor mobility research at the City of Amsterdam, what challenges they face in the field of bicycle mobility and why they chose the Signum bicycle counter.

The technology behind Signum is the TMA-3B3, designed and manufactured in Belgium by Icoms Detections, which Multisensors integrates into a customised housing.  This sensor combines a Doppler radar and a lidar.  The latter counts the individuals in the groups and makes the product particularly accurate in counting.  The radar communicates with a modem via an RS-232 link.  A solar panel makes it autonomous and functional 24 hours a day, all year round, making continuous measurement possible.  This allows the city of Amsterdam to determine the relative ridership at the various measurement points, taking into account external factors influencing bicycle traffic, such as periodic events or weather conditions.