The TMA-296 Doppler sensor is a multifunction model, equipped with two relay outputs. It is designed for detecting vehicles at intersections, as well as for speed warning or smart lighting applications. The minimum and maximum speed, the distance of detection and the direction of the movement are adjustable conditions to activate the relays.

Compact and lightweight, it can be installed quickly, without civil engineering works or traffic stops.


Operation and strengths


  • Two configurable relays
    • Minimum and maximum speed
    • Minimum and maximum distance
    • Direction of the movement (approaching, receding, bidirectional)
  • Adjustable distance of detection up to 150 m
  • Choice of power supply:
    • 10-30 V AC/12-60 V DC
    • 15-54 V AC/21-75 V DC
  • RS-232 communication
  • Comfort of installation and use:
    • self-monitoring
    • above-ground installation
    • works in all weathers
    • maintenance-free
    • trustworthy
    • settings without opening the housing: RS-232 or rotary encoders

Technical features


Range adjustable up to 150 m
Detectable speeds
from 3 to 200 km/h
Detection direction
approaching, receding or bidirectional
Dimensions LV
68x99x119 mm
Dimensions MV 68x99x205 mm
Dimensions HV
68x99x212 mm
Weight (excl. cable and bracket) 320 g (LV)/510 g (MV)/563 g (HV)
Protection level
IP65, EN 50102 (IK)
Mount double-L (included), adapted for M8 screws
Operating temperature range
from -40 °C to +60 °C
Power supply

LV Model: 10-30 V AC/12-60 V DC

MV Model: 15-54 V AC/21-75 V DC

HV Model:100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz

Power consumption
< 1 VA
Frequency K-Band: 24.165 – 24.235 GHz
Transmitting power
5 mW
User outputs

2 LEDs on the front panel -RS-232

2 inverted relay contacts (resistive load: 30 V AC 0,3 A – 60 V DC 0,3 A – option: 250 V AC – 30 V DC – 0.3 A )

Response time
< 250 ms
Relays holding time


Use cases

  • Traffic lights:
    • call and/or phase extension
    • coordination of hubs
    • green wave
    • green bonus
    • sanction red
  • Lighting of outdoor parking lots (stations) on vehicle movement detection
  • Activation of signals and alerts:
    • “approaching vehicles” for cyclists
    • “dangerous turns” powered by solar energy, only when a vehicle approaches in order to achieve substantial energy savings
    • “ghost driver”

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